Neuromarketing – understanding customers, influencing decisions.

Why do you spend money on marketing? Why do you invest in communication? Silly question, isn’t it? It’s all about sales. It’s all about sealing a deal. The toolkit for advertising enterprises is well equipped. All you have to do is pick the right kind of tool. But what’s the right tool for your business? That’s why you spend time on the planning. And brain cells on the concept.

We’d like to introduce you to a completely new set of tools. One that addresses the core problem of all marketing and advertising. Because, the marketing-as-we-know-it typically reaches only the tip of the iceberg. That’s because advertising addresses its targets on a conscious level. But: 95% of human decision-making work on a subconscious level. So it’s not price, nor features nor performance. It’s not the rational weighing of arguments and assets, that seals the deal. In reality, our subconscious motives and urges are the true decision makers. These implicit decision factors cannot be addressed with conventional market research, though. They are per se neither rational nor conscious. Plus, implicit motives drive decisions not only when it comes to consumer products, they also influence OEM or B2B buying decisions. Put simply, the new neuromarketing toolkit is nothing less than a paradigm shift – and a rejection of marketing that relies on rational communication alone.

The interdisciplinary correlation of marketing, cognitive sciences and market research focuses on those subconscious factors that effectively shape buying decisions. It offers a glimpse into those internal processes that form human behavior and decision making. While conventional marketing will (by definition) address only the „conscious 5%“, neuromarketing will work on the remaining 95%. Economical decision processes are being analyzed using scientific valid testing procedures in order to understand the intrinsic motives that drive these decisions. In a next step, communication and communication design are aligned according to these results.

Neuromarketing is a challenge. It questions most (if not all) tried-and-tested steps on the way to a successful marketing. Everyone in marketing and sales will have to accept these radically new marketing paradigms. On the other hand: there is new knowledge to be found that will make marketing communication much more effective and efficient.

Want to learn more? Get up early and check out the Kochstrasse™ Neuro Breakfast™ (LINK). It’s an introduction to neuromarketing, its tools and ideas – it will feed your appetite!

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